Fair Play

Our Philosophy with regards to user support and grievances:

We believe, ‘no one is perfect’ but striving for continuous improvements will shorten the journey. In this journey of MillionTree it could happen you come across a situation where you want to ask for help, this is where we provide you with various options to reach out to us in a structured way so that we can serve you better. As a statement of assurance, we will not hesitate to refund back your ticket cost to your wallet, if the error is due to MillionTree

Follow the following steps to log a ticket with us:

Step 0: You will get two options to log a ticket.

You will get two options to log a ticket.


Milliontree harnesses extremely trusted systems for their valuable customers. At milliontree, once the contest is created, every question in every contest is auto generated randomly without any manual controls & intervention. Over-and-above this, to maintain a fairplay opportunity to all (i.e. those who buy more tickets vs those who cannot buy more tickets, milliontree has maintained system based play limits for each contest - i.e. for example, if the attempt limit for a particular crossword contest named 'CROSSWORD XYZ' is 3, that means a user can only attempt that contest 3 times within that contest - to play more, that user shall need to enter other contest and continue playing. The details of play limits are clearly define in your mobile milliontree app in game rules section before you buy the ticket and attempt the contest. To maintain absolute zero human intervention, Milliontree functions with complete automation of ranking systems, and Milliontree is proud of its unique and fair automation system for their valuable customers. The details of ranking systems are clearly shown in Scoring & Ranking systems page on Milliontree website and on Milliontree mobile app.


At Milliontree we believe in value of people, and hence, Milliontree has gone to extents beyond imagination to maintain absolute EQUAL OPPORTUNITY under the umbrella platform of Milliontree for every & all of its customers. At Milliontree you can recieve QUIZ questions from various fields and domains. Through many years of effort by Milliontree, this has been achieved only with a goal to normalise any monopolization / misuse of any domain expertise by any user. Here, at Milliontree, questions from all subjects like Vocabulary, history, Geography, Mathematics, Science, Nature & Wildlife, Entertainment (Bollywood), general knowledge, etc. Milliontree has also developed an absoluetly unique system that can manage the following :- 1) all users in same contest will recieve different set of questions. This is extremely important so that misuse of duplicated questions if more than one user(s) are togethe will not arise in any case, and maintains fairness and safeguards the interests of all users across India. So, if you another user can manage mathematics better, you need not worry - you can attempt what suits you better - maybe grammar, or bollywood, or science, or general knowledge. 2) an automated and one of its kind unique system that can generate exactly same number of questions of same subject, and of same difficulty levels. for e.g. USER 1 recieves -> 5 questions in 'CONTEST A' as follows - 3 questions (EASY) of GEOGRAPHY subject and 2 questions (DIFFICULT) of GRAMMAR subject, USER 2 shall also recieve -> 5 questions in 'CONTEST A' as follows - 3 questions (EASY) of GEOGRAPHY subject and 2 questions (DIFFICULT) of GRAMMAR subject. Milliontree has offered extensive efforts of thouzands of long hours to achieve this rich seggregation and content data architecture under quidance from non oher than one of the most reputed institute Alumini of IIT Bombay & industry stalwarts.


We work with trusted third party payment gateway authentication to ensure the safety and security of all the financial transactions. We do not store your credit/debit card details with us.


All associations of MILLIONTREE are strictly prohibited from participating in any paid contests on MILLIONTREE.


MILLIONTREE is a skill & knowledge based platform and is offered in accordance with Indian laws. There are no shortcuts or cheat codes for quick and easy wins. This is a product that does not encourage any luck or chance and offers every earning to its customer through knowledge and/or skill with absolutely zero percentage of chance. Customers of MILLIONTREE do not WIN, they EARN !! Milliontree stands against all betting and gambling ideologies.


You can conveniently view the performance of every player on your contest screen after the contest is completed. This feature allows you to keep track of your competition and gives you meaning, benchmark, and aim to reach the top rank.


We understand that being accessible to our users builds trust and provides security. So, we've made it easier for them to reach out to us through the 'Contact Us' button where their queries are addressed on a timely basis.


Our users trust us with their personal documents like PAN Cards and bank details. We value & uphold the virtue of trust in high esteem. The information of PAN Cards and bank details shared with MILLIONTREE is only used for user verification purposes and is never disclosed to any outside parties except Indian Govt. authorized parties, that too for verification purposes.


We do not allow or promote cash transactions on MILLIONTREE.


We are sensitive to your valuable money investment. We may notify users in case their accrued losses exceed ₹30,000 (applicable to Indian users only).


1. We notify users in case their accrued losses exceed ₹25,000 (applicable to Indian users only)
2. We do not allow users below 18 years to play in the pay-to-play contests on the MILLIONTREE platform.
3. We do not allow our users to participate in more than three games per contest per day.
4. You can exclude yourself from playing on the MILLIONTREE platform for a while if in case you wish to take a break or suspend your account by logging out through the left navigation menu in our mobile application.